Turbo-Chem International has been providing our clients with chemical solutions for over 30 years and has the reputation for providing advanced solutions that are flexible to your Production & Midstream needs. 

As part of our unrivaled service quality, a Turbo-Chem engineer will conduct a site visit to review equipment, requirements, gather samples for analysis to create a customized comprehensive plan for treatment that is flexible, sustainable and reliable. 

Samples sent to the laboratory will be analyzed on the oil & water content:

Oil Analysis 

    • Cloud Point: ASTM standard D4419
    • Pour Point: ASTM standard D5853-11M
    • Asphaltene content: ASTM standard D6560-12M
    • Paraffin Concentration: Oil samples are subjected to Cold Finger Analysis to emulate the temperature changes between the reservoir and the surface. Paraffin deposits on the cold finger apparatus and is then collected and the amount of paraffin is measured. 
    • API Gravity: API gravity is determined via ASTM standard D4052-11M

Water Analysis

    • KMI analysis for corrosion (Potassium, Magnesium and Iron) via an Internally Coupled Plasmasizer (ICP)
    • Scale prediction analysis (Barium variants, Strontium variants, Calcium variants and Iron variants) 
    • Biological activity analysis via Serial Dilution Tests (NACE TM0194-004)

After a full analysis of the samples taken, a report and plan will be prepared along with tailored-made solutions for the specific area. Once our services/products have been implemented, a Turbo-Chem Engineer will monitor the efficiency through periodic Sampling and testing and will continuously improve on the solution employed to reduce operational cost, increase flow assurance while extending asset life. 

Endless hours of Engineering and Technology have gone into perfecting each of our products and services. For immediate information on any of our products call 1-800-259-7838.

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