First Response’s unique ability to provide a broad particle size range coupled with unique sealing capabilities that allow for the necessary integrity/compressive strength to withhold 1500 psi, making First Response® is ideal for most lost circulation events.

TCI’s First Response® pill is extremely versatile as a preventative used in sweeps or as a pill when the well dictates a need for hole healing or soft squeezing. Contrary to other “single sack” LCM’s on the market, First Response® contains NO inert materials. All of the products contained in First Response® are environmentally friendly and are specifically designed to be used in most well specific applications.

First Response® can be added to all oil or synthetic based mud systems. First Response® can also save on rig space, whereas other LCM’s need to be run in conjunction with as many as 4 or 5 additional various particle sized palleted materials. TCI’s unique, proprietary one sack blend can be added, as dictated by the well, in varied amounts from 15 ppb – 60 ppb. First Response® is aptly named because in many cases it can be used as a First Line of defense when initial losses occur, rather than running a High Solids Squeeze pill which in some cases can be time consuming and more costly, First Response® may be spotted as a pill and soft squeezed into a losing formation

By the time a high solids squeeze product is implemented, various other solutions have usually been exhausted costing the operator time and money.



What are the major challenges associated with Land & Deep Water Lost Circulation & High Solid Squeeze Materials?

  • Specialty Mixing Pits/ Time
  • Pumping Conventional LCM Products Multiple Times Without Success
  • Multiple Sack/Bucket Products
  • High amounts of NPT

Endless hours of Engineering and Technology have gone into perfecting each of our products and services. For immediate information on any of our products call 1-800-259-7838.

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