Torque & Drag and
Stuck Pipe

Our Torque & Drag and Stuck Pipe solutions properly manage the lubricity of drilling fluid and the quality of filter cakes, reducing occurrences of stuck pipe and costly drilling issues
Pipes and instruments at oil rig.

Torque & Drag and
Stuck Pipe Solutions

Torque & Drag and Stuck Pipe is often associated with well-control and lost-circulation events and is a significant risk in high-angle and horizontal wells. Eliminate these costly drill scenarios with Turbo-Chem’s beads and lube solutions.

Turbo-Hib B

Turbo-Hib B is a three-in-one aqueous quaternary amine corrosion inhibitor, oxygen scavenger and biocide. It is effective against all types of corrosion including corrosion as a result of sweet CO2 and sour H2S gas. Turbo-Hib B contains an effective biocide component that kills existing bacteria and prevents additional colony growth. Turbo-Hib B forms an amine/bisulfate film on metal surfaces and prevents corrosion during drilling operations where changes in pressure and temperature accelerate the corrosion of drill pipe.

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Turbo-Poly Beads Plus

These lubricant-infused, spherical functionalized copolymer beads provide instant mechanical stand-off at low pressure, with micro-channels designed to release the infused liquid lubricant at a higher impact pressure. As the beads exit the bit, a fraction of them collapse and deform, releasing the lubricant and immediately impacting points of friction. As the beads travel, more of them will collapse at points of impact around the drill string and BHA releasing further infused lubricants.

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Carbo-Beads are highly effective lubricity agents and are recommended in applications, which typically call for the use of glass or plastic beads. When added to the drilling mud, the rounded shape of the Carbo-Beads promotes a “ball bearing” effect, which greatly reduces torque and drag. Additionally, the Carbo-Beads slowly wear down to a slippery, oily film which also enhances lubrication while leaving no sharp broken pieces behind.

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Turbo-Glass Beads

These ROP-enhancing spherical beads are solid lubricants, specifically sized for minimizing differential pressure, sticking and reducing torque and drag while drilling.

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Turbo-Lube XLT®

This highly concentrated drilling lubricant exhibits Turbo-Chem’s innovation. It is non-toxic, non-polluting, non-regulated, non-aromatic, non-flammable, non-combustible and non-damageable to rubber goods. Turbo-Lube XLT® reduces friction, torque, drag, casing and stuck pipe tendencies. It enhances the rate of penetration and prevents bit and BHA balling. Turbo-Lube XLT® can be used in most muds including fresh water, brine, oil and synthetic and is available in 55-gallon drums or 275-gallon totes.

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Turbo-Lube HBL

Turbo-HBL is a harsh environment water-based lubricant specifically developed to solve torque/drag problems in highly tortuous or extended reach wells. Turbo-Lube HBL is derived from natural and renewable resources and is rapidly biodegradable and presents absolutely no danger to marine life or the operating crew. Turbo-Lube HBL is designed to perform in a wide range of brine waters that have different compositions, including high chlorides, hardness and elevated pH.

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Turbo-Chem’s Turbo-Spot is an oil-free, Glycerol/Ester-based soaking agent used to free differentially stuck pipes when used as a spotting fluid. Turbo-Spot’s proprietary formula is blended and toted at TCI’s main headquarters in Lafayette, LA. Turbo-Spot is non-toxic, does not harm rubber goods and will enhance API and HTHP water loss. Turbo-Spot is 100% dispersible in water. It is recommended that you refer to the Turbo-Spot mixing chart, to set it as a soaking pill.

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