Turbo-B Beads

Sintered Bauxite Drilling Beads

Product Summary

Environmentally safe, high specific gravity drilling bead that is coated with a dry lubricant. Turbo-B Beads can be used in place of plastic or glass beads to get a higher crush resistance.
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Physical Properties

  • Appearance: Dark Colored Bead
  • Specific Gravity (g/mL.): 3.24
  • Melting Point: >500°F

Recommended Treatment

  • System Treatment: 6-8 ppb
  • Sweeps: 8-12 ppb

Wellbore Stability Benefits

  • Reduces torque and drag.

  • Lowers risk of differential sticking.

  • Compatible with all mud types.

  • Reduces casing wear.

  • Easily mixed through the hopper.

  • Superior strength and crush resistance (56,000 lbs.).

Handling and Storage

Proper PPE should be worn while handling this product. Minimize dust exposure. Please review the SDS before using.

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Turbo-B Beads are available in 50 lb. sacks, 50 sacks/pallet.

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