Production and Midstream Services

As part of our unrivaled service quality, Turbo-Chem provides advanced chemical solutions and services designed to identify the specific needs of each company we work with.

Our Services

Analysis and Treatment Plan Services

Our engineers conduct site visits to review equipment and requirements and gather samples for analysis to create a customized, comprehensive treatment plan that is flexible, sustainable and reliable.

After the samples’ oil and water content are analyzed at our state-of-the-art laboratory, our experts produce a report, a plan and a tailor-made solution that targets the specific area. Once we implement our solutions, a Turbo-Chem Engineer monitors the efficiency by conducting periodic sampling and testing and continuously works on improving the solutions to reduce operational cost, increase flow assurance and extend asset life.

Paraffin Program

Through our Paraffin Program, we create specific plans that fit the well needs of our customers, providing them with cost-effective and functional programs. By testing each well, our experts not only determine product effectiveness to optimize the effect of inhibition but also reduce maintenance cost, increase asset reliability and increase flow assurance. With this program, we also discuss various options for treatment including continuous and batch style treatments, or both.

This program targets legacy paraffin—a plaque-like wax accumulated within pipework—separators, and storage tanks that attract paraffin to precipitate from condensation.

Through the Paraffin Program, we can also implement Smart Well technology to reduce chemical costs through enhanced pump controllers that offer a proportional flow mode, ProFlow. This mode automatically adjusts the injection rate based on the produced oil volume designated by the onsite PLC or Flowmeter.

Water, Bacteria & Corrosion Testing

If left untreated, water production can significantly increase maintenance costs while also causing serious issues to production equipment and end product. Through our proactive approach, our experts perform water testing services to identify the necessary treatments required.

Pipeline Services

Continuous & Batch treatments of your pipelines are crucial to maintaining your asset life and flow assurance. Through Turbo-Chem’s Pipeline, services our experts create maintenance and monitoring programs to help customers avoid costly shutdowns and blockages.

Liquid Pigging and Pipeline Services

Created on-site and programmable to last hours, liquid pigging -also called chemical pigging- is when a long-chain polymer plug takes the place of a conventional or intelligent pig. Liquid pigs are run in chains with chemical scrubbers between them that target pipelines’ specific requirements like paraffin, scale or bacteria. Following a pre-determined time frame, liquid pigs naturally break down and liquefy, or can be acid-soluble to allow the system to be put back online. There is no need to capture liquid pigs or the scrubbers as they will flow downstream and treat the rest of the system while being absorbed by the product in the line.

Liquid pigging has become more popular among pipelines that are not conventionally piggable, have extreme build-up within the lines or lines that can’t achieve relief through hot oiling due to length.

Chemical Solutions

Using our combined experience of more than 190 years in various drilling fluid-related technical and management positions, our experts deliver chemical solutions to enhance and improve customers’ production and midstream operations.

Our Solutions:

  • Corrosion Inhibitors:
    • Amines
    • Iron Chelators
  • Scale Inhibitors:
    • Phosphonates
    • Polymers
    • Phosphonate/
      polymer Blends
    • Amines 
    • Amine/Phosphonate Blends
  • Salt Inhibitors:
    • Crystalline Modifiers
  • Scale Dissolvers:
    • Alkaline Dissolvers
    • Acid Dissolvers
  • Water Clarifiers:
    • Emulsion Breakers
    • Flocculants
  • Paraffin Inhibitors:
    • Crystal Modifiers
  • Paraffin Dispersants
  • Paraffin Solvents
  • Glacial Acetic Acid Solvents

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