Turbo-Sticks SAPP

Surfactant Stick for Drilling Fluids

Product Summary

Turbo-Sticks SAPP is a hard-red stick in a split cardboard tube. These sticks are water soluble containing a combination of surfactants formulated for drilling fluids.
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Physical Properties

  • Appearance: Red Tube
  • pH: 6.5-9.5
  • Solubility: Water Soluble

Recommended Treatment

Remove the disposable outer tube and inject the stick into the drill pipe. Can be run as 1 stick per connection or 1 stick every 100’ drilled.


Stick size of 1¼X15” available. Shipped in 45 and 100 count cases. 55-gallon open-top drums @ 450 count are also available.

Handling and Storage

Proper PPE should be worn while handling this product. Please review the SDS before using.

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  • Water base

  • Freshwater

  • Seawater

  • Brine


  • Turbo-Sticks SAPP is formulated to improve drilling efficiency and bit life.

  • The paper tube dissolves rapidly, releasing the product into the drilling fluid. Shearing occurs at the bit, providing a very effective hole sweep.

  • Encapsulated drill cuttings can be observed at the shale shaker to determine the effectiveness of the polymer treatment.

  • Reduces the surface tension of the drilling fluids and the wetting of solids reduces bit balling when drilling into clay-type formations.

  • Improves ROP by removing drill cuttings buildup around the bit and BHA.

  • Reduces hole conditioning time and pull back while tripping.

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