Turbo-Chem International continues to lead by product innovation

Mission Statement:

Turbo-Chem is dedicated to reducing drilling project costs for our customers by minimizing risks associated with lost circulation, shale instability, formation damage, differential sticking, torque and drag and drill-string balling.

Our Goal:

 Since our inception in 1982, TCI was “stress caging” and “wellbore strengthening” before they became buzzwords and drilling principles. Turbo-Chem stands by and believes in a simple & undeniable truth: At the end of the day, the ultimate goal is to keep a micro-fracture from becoming a macro fracture. Because of this Turbo- Chems primary objective is to identify your specific need and use high quality, patented products to address those needs by using our over 190 years of expertise in various drilling fluids related technical and management positions.

Endless hours of Engineering and Technology have gone into perfecting each of our products and services. For immediate information on any of our products call 1-800-259-7838.

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