Turbo-Poly Beads Plus

Lubricant Infused Spherical Beads

Product Summary

Turbo-Chem’s Poly Beads Plus are a spherical functionalized co-polymer bead that provides instant mechanical stand-off at low pressure, with micro-channels designed to release the infused liquid lubricant at a higher impact pressure. As the beads exit the bit, a fraction of them collapse and deform, releasing the lubricant and immediately impacting points of friction. As the beads travel, more of them will collapse at points of impact around the drill string and BHA releasing further infused lubricants.

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Physical Properties

  • Specific Gravity: 1.30-1.40
  • Appearance: Multi-Colored
  • Crush Resistance: 12-15K
  • Size: 355-850 micron (20/45 Mesh)

Recommended Treatment

Spotting: 6-10 ppb initial treatment. Adjust in accordance with torque/drag limitations of drilling operations. After the initial treatment, additions need to be made to replace product that has been left embedded in the formation or in the mud filter cake.
Drilling: 2-6 ppb


Turbo-Poly Beads Plus are available in 50 lb. sacks.

Handling and Storage

Proper PPE should be worn while handling this product. Please review SDS
before using.

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  • Water Base

  • Oil base

  • Synthetic Base

  • Brine

  • Polymer


  • High compressive strength

  • Minimizes casing wear

  • Reduces torque/drag

  • Lowers risk of differential sticking

  • Immediate results

  • Will not adversely affect the mud properties.

  • Effective in highly deviated wells

  • Reduces casing wear

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