Bore-Seal 100

Preeminent Wellbore Strengthening Product

Product Summary

Bore-Seal 100 is a wellbore stabilizer that creates a fast-effective seal to minimize fluid and
pressure invasion into the formation. This product effectively seals a wide range of fracture
sizes and creates a barrier that allows for overbalanced drilling to continue. It is particularly useful as a “back ground” to ensure low fluid invasion across many reservoir types.

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Physical Properties

  • Appearance: Light Gray Powder
  • Specific Gravity (g/mL.): 1.60
  • Odor: Slight
  • pH in 1% Solution: 5-7

Recommended Treatment

  • System Treatment: 2-6 ppb
  • Sweeps: 5-10 ppb along First Response® 10-30 ppb 
  • Pill: Bore-Seal 100 can be run with First Response to maximize effectiveness in zones where there are whole mud losses.

Bore-Seal 100 PSD


Wellbore Stability Benefits

  • When Bore-Seal 100 is pumped, a “stress cage” effect is developed and any differential pressure load is transferred over the wall cake on the wellbore, rather than the pressure load bearing down on
    the fracture point itself, decreasing the probability of propagation and worsening losses.

  • Diminishes the risk of differential sticking in highly permeable formations and is thermally stable at elevated temperatures.

  • Bore-Seal 100 is equally effective in water base, oil base, synthetic base and salt/polymer mud systems.

  • Excels in depleted or poorly consolidated formations, interbedded formations and mechanically weak formations.

  • Excellent seepage and lost circulation control without damaging mud rheology

Handling and Storage

Proper PPE should be worn while handling this product. Minimize dust exposure. Please review SDS before using

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Bore-Seal 100 is available in 25 lb. sacks, 50 sacks/pallet.

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