Product Summary

Turbo-Lube DP is a powdered non-toxic, BioDegradable Extreme Pressure Lubricant based on a blend of Veg. Oils, surfactants and Food Grade Paraffin Oil. Turbo-Lube DP is formulated for water- based drilling fluids, extreme pressure lubricity and reduce coefficient of friction between drill string and wall. It is designed to form a persistent lubricating film on metal surfaces.

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Physical Properties

  • Appearance: Free flowing powder
  • Density: 1.4 ± 0.2 g/cm3
  • Bulk Density: 0.60-0.70g/cm3

Recommended Treatment

Turbo-Lube DP is added slowly to drilling fluid to ensure an even distribution. Initial treatment is
normally made in the concentration of 3.5 – 7.0 lbs. /bbl. Fresh additions of Turbo-Lube DP on daily basis will enhance the lubricating properties
of the drilling fluid systems. The daily maintenance requires 2.5-4.0 lbs./bbl. Increased concentrations may be needed at higher densities.


Turbo-Lube DP is available in 50 lb. HDPE lined bags and 50 lb. vacuum-packed blocks for easy care and stacking by contacting TurboChem at (337) 235-3098.

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Wellbore Stability Benefits

  • Turbo-Lube DP is an effective lubricant for all water base fluids and can be used in KCl and NaCl brine fluids as an effective lubricant
    for the reduction of the coefficient of friction. It finds its application in virtually in all kinds of water-based drilling fluids without disturbing the properties of drilling fluids. Turbo-Lube DP readily emulsifies into the mud system there by reducing torque and drag of the drill string. It will form a strong film between the drill string and wall when subjected to high pressure. The product shows no foaming and greasing tendencies and is not affected by other mud additives.

  • Turbo-Lube DP is a free flowing readily dispersible powder for all types of waterbased drilling fluid system.

  • Unlike liquid lubricants which tend to “grease out in high pH and hardness, these lubricants do not grease out.

  • The effectiveness of the lube might decrease with the presence of high pH and hardness in water.

  • Traditional liquid lubricants tend to freeze at low temperatures, forcing users to have various drum heating arrangements. TurboLube DP even at extreme low temperatures remain free flowing powder.

  • Turbo-Lube DP works in excess of 250°F.

  • Gives added savings to the operator by eliminating the high costs of the drum handling, disposal and risk of leakages.

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