Turbo-Hib H2S

Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger

Product Summary

Turbo-Hib H2S is an organic polymeric amine/triazine blend that reacts and removes hydrogen sulfide from industrial and oilfield waters. It contains no heavy metals. Turbo-Hib H2S works by reacting with sulfide ions and forming a sulfur-amino reaction product with low toxicity.

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Physical Properties

  • Appearance: Dark Red Brown Liquid
  • Solubility in Oil: Insoluble
  • Solubility in Water/Glycol: Soluble/Soluble

Recommended Treatment

Recommended treatment depends on the amount of H2S present in the water. For most applications 10-100 ppm per ppm of H2S is required. Treatment can be performed in a scrubbing or washing tower, by adding and mixing to water tanks and by direct addition to water lines and pipelines.


  • Drilling fluids and reservoir pressure maintenance injection systems.

  • Fracturing Fluids.

  • Produced water disposal systems.

  • Petrochemical waste and sewage systems.

  • Completion Fluids.

  • Brine storage facilities & oil production
    water injection systems.

Handling and Storage

Proper PPE should be worn while handling this product. Please review SDSbefore using.

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Turbo-Hib H2S is available in 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums or 275 gallon totes.

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