Turbo-Lube HBL

Efficient Harsh Brine Environment Lubricant

Product Summary

Turbo-HBL is a harsh environment water-based lubricant specifically developed to solve torque / drag problems in highly tortuous or extended reach wells. Turbo-Lube HBL is derived from natural and renewable resources and is rapidly biodegradable and presents absolutely no danger to marine life or to the operating crew. Turbo-Lube HBL is designed to perform in a wide range of brine waters that have different compositions, including high chlorides, hardness and elevated pH.

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Physical Properties

  • Specific Gravity: 0.96-0.98
  • Appearance: Amber Liquid
  • Pour Point: 10°F
  • Flash Point: >240°F

Recommended Treatment

Recommended treatment is 0.5%-3.0% by volume depending on the mud density and desired torque / drag reduction. After the initial treatment, via continuous injection streams of straight lubricant, periodic treatments by sweeps should be made to maintain desired concentration.


Turbo-Lube HBL is available in 55-gallon drums or 275- gallon totes.


  • Helps directional tools in sliding.

  • Prevents differential sticking.

  • Prevents bit balling tendencies.

  • Will not adversely affect the mud properties (water and oil based).

  • Increases ROP by reducing drilling fluid
    lubricity Coefficient of Friction.

  • Non-damaging to producing zones.

Handling and Storage

Proper PPE should be worn while handling this product. Please review SDS before using.

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