Organic, HTHP Filtrate and Seepage Loss Eliminating LCM

Product Summary

SYN-Seal® is a single sack, chemically modified resin and cellulose fiber compound that contains no asphalt or asphalt derivatives. SYN-Seal® is effective at both low and high temperatures and has a broad application in oil and synthetic base mud systems.
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Physical Properties

  • Appearance: Dark Gray Powder
  • Specific Gravity (g/mL.): 1.56
  • Odor: Slight
  • pH in 1% solution: 6-8

Recommended Treatment

  • System Treatment: 6-10 ppb
  • Sweeps: 5-10 ppb along First Response® @ 10-30 ppb.
  • Pill: SYN-Seal® can be run with First Response® to maximize effectiveness in zones where there are whole mud losses.



Red, round spheres are the unique phenolic resin that forms a matrix-like seal with the “wormlike” cellulose fiber inside the fracture.

Wellbore Stability Benefits

  • SYN-Seal® is compatible with all mud types.

  • Reduces differential sticking tendencies in low-pressure sands.

  • Highly efficient at sealing micro-fractured formations while minimizing unstable wellbore situations.

  • SYN-Seal® has a secondary benefit of improved emulsion stability.

  • Excellent seepage and lost circulation control without damaging mud rheology.

  • Mixes easily through the hopper and has minimal losses over shaker screens and solids control equipment.

Handling and Storage

Proper PPE should be worn while handling this product. Minimize dust exposure. Please review the SDS before using.

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SYN-Seal® is available in 25 lb. sacks, 50 sacks/pallet.


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