Liquid Pigging & Pipeline Services

Liquid Pigging:

Liquid pigging, also known as chemical pigging, is when a long chain polymer plug is made to take the place of a conventional or intelligent pig. This liquid pig, is created on site, and can be ‘programed’ to last a number of hours in worst case where the pig gets lodged along the pipeline. 

Liquid pigs are ran in trains, with various ‘chemical scrubbers’ between them that target your pipelines specific requirements such as paraffin, scale or bacteria to give a few. Liquid pigs will naturally start to break down and liquify after a pre-determined time frame, or, can be acid soluble to allow the system to be put back online when you are ready to. 

There is no need to capture the pigs, nor the scrubbers as they will flow downstream and treat the rest of the system while being adsorbed by the product in the line. 

Chemical pigging has become more popular among those pipe lines that are not ‘conventionally piggable’, have extreme build-up within the line, or lines that can’t achieve relief through hot oiling due to length. These lines are often too expensive to treat chemically due to the large treatment volumes. 

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Pipeline Services:

Continuous & Batch treatments of your pipelines are crucial to maintaining your asset life and flow assurance. Turbo-Chem international can prepare a maintenance and monitoring program for your pipelines to avoid costly shutdowns and blockages. From continuous treatment, to coupon monitoring and testing to chemical pigging and batch treatments. 

Let Turbo-Chem be your last Midstream chemical supplier that you will ever need, because there is nothing… like the power of a Turbo!  

Endless hours of Engineering and Technology have gone into perfecting each of our products and services. For immediate information on any of our products call 1-800-259-7838.

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