Turbo-Chem International is proud to announce that we are a certified Woman-Owned, Operated & Controlled company

Quality Service

Turbo-Chem’s primary objective is to identify and address your unique needs with high quality, patented products. This is done using our combined experience of more than 190 years in various drilling fluid-related technical and management positions.

Why Choose Turbo-Chem?

Turbo-Chem International continues to lead by product innovation. TCI has been applying “stress caging” theory  and “wellbore strengthening” since our inception in 1982, long before they became the industry’s buzzwords.

What Sets Turbo-Chem Apart From the Competition?

Turbo-Chem International prides itself on the long-standing tradition of researching and developing innovative Wellbore Stability Products for the drilling industry.

Turbo-Chem strives to identify the specific needs of each company we work with. To solve each of their individual problems we rely on our vast array of products. Turbo-Chem has consistently proven that we have the best products on the market, which is why they are proudly trademarked and patented.


Endless hours of Engineering and Technology have gone into perfecting each of our products and services. For immediate information on any of our products call 1-800-259-7838.

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