Torque & Drag

Turbo-Chem’s Turbo-Lube™ XLT, Turbo-Poly Plus Beads, Carbo-Beads, Glass Beads and Turbo-Spot™ can assist by eliminating and/or remediating these costly drill scenarios

 Torque/Drag & Stuck Pipe

Torque/Drag & Stuck Pipe is often associated with well-control and lost-circulation events, the two other costly disruptions to drilling operations, and is a significant risk in high-angle and horizontal wells. Drilling through depleted zones, where the pressure in the annulus exceeds that in the formation, might cause the drill string to be pulled against the wall and embedded in the filter cake deposited there. Properly managing the lubricity of the drilling fluid and the quality of the filter cake across the permeable formation can help reduce occurrences of stuck pipe.

Spotting Fluid

Turbo-Chem’s Turbo-Spot™ is an oil free, Glycerol/Ester based soaking agent that is used to free differentially stuck pipe when used as a spotting fluid. Turbo-Spot™ proprietary formula is blended and toted at TCI’s main headquarters in Lafayette, LA. Turbo-Spot™ is non-toxic, will not harm rubber goods and will enhance API and HTHP water loss. Turbo-Spot™ is 100% dispersible in water. It is recommended that you refer to the Turbo-Spot™ mixing chart, to set as a soaking pill.

Turbo-Poly Plus Beads

Spherical functionalized co-polymer bead that provides instant mechanical stand-off at low pressure, with micro-channels designed to release the infused liquid lubricant at a higher impact pressure.


50-300 micron carbon bead that promotes a “ball bearing effect” greatly reducing torque and drag on the drill string. Turbo-Chem’s Carbo-Beads slowly wear down creating an oily film which enhances lubrication.

Glass Beads:

Specifically sized solid lubricants for minimizing differential pressure, sticking and reducing torque and drag while drilling.

Turbo-Lube XLT™

exhibits Turbo-Chem’s innovation; it is non-toxic, non-polluting, non-regulated, non-aromatic, non-flammable, non-combustible and non-damageable to rubber goods. Turbo-Lube XLT™ reduces friction, torque, drag, casing and stuck pipe tendencies. It enhances the rate of penetration and prevents bit and BHA balling. Turbo-Lube XLT™ can be used in most muds: fresh water, brine, oil and synthetic and is available in 55 gallon drums or 275 gallon totes.

Turbo-Lube HBL

is a harsh environment lubricant specifically designed for use in highly torturous or extended reach wells. Turbo-Lube HBL is designed for use in a wide variety of brine’s that have different compositions, including high chlorides, high pH and excess hardness.


Turbo-Hib B

is a corrosion inhibitor, oxygen scavenger and biocide 3-in-1 fluid.

Endless hours of Engineering and Technology have gone into perfecting each of our products and services. For immediate information on any of our products call 1-800-259-7838.

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